Celebrate our Bursary Recipients

Elysha and Maddison (l-r)

By: Michael Fox

Maddison Banks and Elysha Micallef, the first recipients of the Jude Fox Bursary are excited and have very clear ideas about where their university study will take them.

Meeting with these two amazing people was an inspiration.

Elysha talked about her family and how proud they are of her, about her work with the dance studio and the mentoring she received from her boss and the joy she found in her work experience working with disabled kids.

Where will university take Elysha? “I plan to study Occupational Health at Griffith University with the vision of working in children’s disability. I loved teaching at the dance school so working with kids will build on my passion.”

How will the Bursary help? “The Bursary will make starting university with less stressful and reduce some of the financial pressure.”

Maddison talked about the family support for her attending university however she is also very focused on self-funding her study. Maddison was inspired to study teaching by her experience at high school.

Where will university take Maddison? “I loved studying history both ancient and modern. My Bachelor of Arts degree will focus on history with the objective following that with a Phd and a university teaching role.”

How will the Bursary help? “I like hard copy text books. The Bursary will pay for my text books and help with cost of transport as I need to drive to university. It will be a good start towards paying for my university study.”

Maddison and Elysha also talked about their challenging Year 12 as the first with external exams and confusion of COVID. Both have already been sharing their results to help planning for 2021 and they are keen to be involved with mentoring this year’s Year 12s to support their success in what will still be a challenging year.

Jude would be proud of our Bursary recipients and I am honoured to represent her in creating opportunities for College students.

Where can a university bursary take you?

By: Michael Fox

“A lack of money blocks some students’ dreams of studying at university. Some ‘first in family at university’ students struggle to believe that they can go to university.” Guidance Officer

Where will your dreams take you? 

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2012 Census statistics show a significant difference in university study between Local City and Brisbane City students. 

Achieved: Bachelor Degree level and above

  • Logan City                11% of population
  • Brisbane City           33% of population


Common barriers to university study for Flagstone College students:

  • Travel is a significant hurdle for Flagstone students in cost and time. One UQ student works part-time to pay cost of travel.
    • University of Southern Queensland – 25km – 25mins by car
    • Griffith University – Logan Campus – 37km – 34mins by car
    • Griffith University – Nathan Campus – 40km – 45mins by car
    • University of Queensland – St Lucia – 55km – 60mins by car
  • First in Family
    • Starting university can be confusing and scary: everything from selecting subjects, organising books, finding the library, student activities and understanding HECS-HELP fee payment. 
    • The first member of a family to attend university does not have a network of family members who can share their experiences of university.  

“I wish I’d known perhaps some strategies like in regards to best ways to study. I guess they’re things you learn through experience but I guess all the things that you learn from experience you wish you’d known at the start because I think I could have done a better job of those initial things had I known the best way to approach them … it’s kind of an oxymoron; you wish you had the life experience at the start so you could make the most of it” (Lachlan, 24) First-in-Family Project

How will a Bursary help you achieve your dream of university study?

  • Your Jude Fox Bursary will pay $2,000 on confirmation of your enrolment at university. A further $1,000 will be paid when you successfully complete your first year of study. You can use the money to help with your travel costs or pay for text books or a notebook computer. How you use the funds will be your decision.
  • Jude believed in the strength and potential of Flagstone students: whether they dreamed of learning a trade or dreamed of studying at university. Receiving a Jude Fox Bursary means teachers and community members who have experience with university believe you can be successful at university and wherever that leads you. 

Be a First in Family Hero

“I’m the first person I think in my entire bloodline to set foot in a university.

(Lachlan, 24)